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Dave Browning & Friends – formed especially for the Pumphouse Jazz Club recording sessions 27th November 2020

Here is the link to our playlist now with sets  recorded at the Pump House.

The play list will continue to show the sets as they are released.

To watch the gig use this link: Dave Browning & Friends – YouTube

Dave Browning – Piano – An accomplished Harlem Stride Pianist. After 23 enjoyable years in the Hugh Rainey Jazz Band, Dave has worked with many of the top U.K jazz artistes and performed at jazz clubs and festivals in the UK and in New Orleans.

Sarah Spencer – Reeds & Vocals – Sarah started playing on the British jazz scene at 18; was the youngest visitor to play in Preservation Hall at 19; and formed the first of her own bands at 20. She now leads ‘Sarah Spencer’s Transatlantic Band’ and performs internationally as a guest star.

Jim Douglas – Guitar & Banjo –  “Legendary” Scottish guitarist, Jim Douglas has been a part of the British scene for sixty years. In this time, he has worked with a virtual who’s who of International stars. He is mostly associated with the Alex Welsh Band in which he appeared at the 1968 Newport Jazz Festival. He has also published two books about his life in jazz.

Heather Birt – Double Bass – Heather plays Double Bass in Allen Beechey’s Bright Stars of Jazz, and with the John Petters Swing Band. She is regularly invited to play bass with many other bands, and solo artists including Sammy Rimmington on his UK tours. She has performed at many jazz festivals including Holywood, Brecon, Eindhoven, Keswick, Swanage, Bude, Birmingham, and Soho.

All the videos are free to watch; we are asking for donations to keep your club running in these strange and unpredictable times.

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electronically. (See separate email for information how to do so. Please add your name and initial when paying). Or pay by cheque made out to ‘Pump House Jazz Club’ and post to ‘Jazz Club, The Watford Pump House, 5/6 Local Board Road, Watford, WD17 2JP’.

Dave Browning & Friends recorded session on 27th November 2020 in the Colne River Room at the Pump House; the session was recorded and engineered by Eddie Stephens.

Herts Inclusive Theatre

February Half Term Workshops… To keep you occupied and entertained during Half-Term are online Zoom projects, for details click on Drama & Workshops for details  

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The Pump House Theatre and Arts Centre has been running for over 46 years and there have been so much incredible Art, Music Dance and Drama to ooze out of this old Pumping Station over that time. This year alone we have had over 20,000 people from all ages and backgrounds step over the threshold to either entertain or be entertained. The biggest story however is that all of this is run by volunteers – over 1500 per year which is remarkable. This is truly a community theatre and arts centre and if you were to start this from scratch it would be very hard to recreate this incredible community place.

92% of our income comes from our doors being open, with only 8% coming from funding streams. In this day and age that is pretty remarkable, however with our doors closed then it is hard to generate this income. We have not however been sitting on our laurels. The Pump House and our community have been putting plenty of entertainment to keep you occupied online. Our Children and Youth had an online Cabaret; EUTV was developed by the amazing Electric Umbrella; Jazz has been played online weekly; Ghost stories are being told; Shakespeare Monologue workshops with the incredible Tom Kanji and IsoVision has been set up to help people get over the devastation of the Eurovision being cancelled…or not possibly just for fun. All of this is free for you to access by going to We will be publishing everything we are doing here.

We do however, need your support if possible. To be able to keep our doors open and be here for the future we need some help. Are you able to do a fundraiser for us or are you able to donate? Your support will help us ensure that The Pump House doors remain open for generations to come. Thank you.

Building closed but we have moved online…

Our building may be closed but the creative light of our talented Pump House community has moved temporarily to continue online. Our upcoming events lists include some good quality online events, so please do check them out.

In line with most recent Government advice we had to take the very difficult decision to completely close the Pump House building until further notice. We are sorry of any inconvenience caused to our audiences. The organisers of the effected events have put in a lot of effort and preparation so it is a disappointing time for all. However the safety of or audiences and participants is paramount.

Most of our planned productions have been postponed to new dates. We will publish details on this site as we receive them. Please contact the event organiser if you require further details about the tickets or other questions.

We hope once we all get through this difficult period then our wonderful community of Pump House groups and artists will pull together to start providing quality entertainment and activities for you all to enjoy again.

Lee Farman
Chair Pump House Theatre and Arts Trust


A fun challenge set by our friends at Electric Umbrella

Many of you will know the team at Warners Bros Studio Tours were busy making the video for our new single TRY SMILING when lock-down landed and filming had to be halted.
With single release just around the corner we were pretty despondent… BUT THEN we looked up and saw all these beautiful faces smiling back on our newly created EUTV! We realised our alternative video was right there in front of us!
Now we need your help to make it in the next few days!
Electric Umbrella wants to invite everyone onto the stage to give us your beautiful best!
Film yourself performing TRY SMILING and send us your video. 
We will be collecting and editing together all the performances so we can end up with the most joyous of videos to show the world exactly what you’re made of! 

Try Smiling Video Challenge