Pump House Theatre – Sat 3 Aug 2024 8.00pm £9 / £6

From the makers of the Do Not Scratch Your Eyes the podcast for Watford FC fans by fans.

After two years of putting it off, Justin, Carl and Peter are bringing their award losing podcast to the stage. The venue is booked, the tickets are on sale; now all they need to do is think about what they’re going to do to entertain a paying crowd for a couple of hours.

Expect the usual ramshackle stuff with a generous amount of audience participation. World V Carl, mystery guests (still a mystery to us, actually) and prizes. You might even get an exclusive ‘Big Night Out’ badge. Sadly due to the venue’s size we aren’t able to replicate The Mr Q centre spot challenge.

All proceeds from this event will go towards The Pump House’s ‘Raise The Roof’ fundraiser.

Age restriction 16+ (‘cos they’re known to be a bit potty mouthed)