Watford African Caribbean Association

The Watford African Caribbean Association (WACA) is one of the oldest African and Caribbean voluntary organisations in the United Kingdom. WACA aims to protect, promote and support the interests of the African and Caribbean community in and around Watford through the provision of a range cross-generational user-led services.

Through its activities, the charity aims to:

  • provide activities for the over 50’s

  • provide activities for young people through the Thrive Youth Project

  • provide support and awareness of Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia

  • provide a focal point for advice, support and information

  • provide a meeting place for social gatherings and health seminars

WACA’s roots extend back to May 1976, when a small group of people, primarily from Jamaica, came together to share their experiences, challenges, triumphs and aspirations of living in England, their new home. Many of them worked in the medical profession, the printing industry, transport or manufacturing – all wanted a healthier, more active and better life for their families and their community.

Today, the needs of the African and Caribbean community have broadened. We are faced with the challenge of an ageing community, rising financial pressures and the emergence of other groups competing for resources – among other considerations. However, we remain true to the principles upon which WACA was founded and gain optimism from more sections of the community participating in our activities.

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