Prashan Deepthikumara

Prashan Deepthikumara is a complete artist as a portrait painter, landscape, storyboard airbrush and holding artist. He is a researcher and writer, melody maker, lyricist and scriptwriter. He was born in Bandaragama Sri Lanka. He grew up in a village called Wevita in the western province. When Prashan was at the age of twelve studying at Taxial college Horana, he became very popular among his teachers and colleagues for his paintings and he joins with a fine art academy in Colombo. He is the first who painted the Sigiriya ancient city and King Kassapa. During this period Prashan also focussed attention in music and singing. Becoming a singer was his childhood dream. He developed his musical career by singing at musical shows in the country. He joined with famous musician Premasiri Khemadasa. Sarath Dasanayaka, Victor R Ratnayaka, P V Nandasiri, Mahinda Bandara. He got the chances to participate in music recordings with these musicians. Finally, he released his maiden compact disk(audio) name of "Wasanthaye Rajadahane" in 2005.

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