Electric Umbrella

At Electric Umbrella we create amazing live, interactive music experiences with learning disabled people.  And when our superstars take to the stage, they help change the way the world looks at them – and others.  When you’re part of Electric Umbrella, the stage is always set, the lights are bright, and the show is always

Parry and Rekha

Parry Mad This vocalist needs no introduction. The SA RE GA MA PA Challenge 2005 set him on a whirlwind path to a new height of live performance. He made it to the final six of the competition. Far from the end, however, his departure from international television screens has been the onset of a rollercoaster

Whetstone Musical Theatre Group (amateur)

Whetstone Musical Theatre Group was set up by Catherine Raingold in 2015 and she continues to produce musicals for the company . Catherine trained in musical theatre at Central  School Of Speech and Drama . Past shows for Whetstone Musical theatre group have included A Slice  of Saturday Night, Bad Girls the musical , Stepping

Pump House Watford

Pump House Watford is the HUB for emerging and best of local talent, helping them to showcase their event. With an intimate theatre and vibrant music venue there is a wide range of events on offer.

The Together Plan

Preserving the past for a better tomorrow. The Together Plan draws its inspiration for projects around three central pillars – “past”, “present” and “future” and each project drives a central belief which can be distilled into one line…. Jewish people, wherever they are, are not alone.

Learning Through The Arts

Learning Through the Arts (LTTA), is a social enterprise which works within the community to promote learning, creativity and skills development through the Arts. Learning Through the Arts promotes a culture of life long learning. We seek to develop, nurture creative talents by providing training, organising workshops using all forms of creative arts as medium of instruction.

The Actor’s Cafe

Affordable Part-Time Novice to Advanced Actor Training Online & In-Person Courses Learn from Industry Professionals Create Your Screen Showreel while Training All Ages & Abilities Welcomed ​We also provide students with opportunities to meet with professional creatives, who have been known to collaborate with our students on various acting projects including commercials, film, and short

Watford Jazz Junction

A family-friendly festival celebrating the very best of local talent and musicians from further afield. The Watford Jazz Junction is founded as a community interest Company with inclusion, mental well-being and live music at our core. We believe music connects us all.

Pump House Jazz Club

Founded in 1972 by Trevor Hodgkinson and Neville Marsh, in the newly acquired buildings that were to become the Pump House Theatre and Arts The Pump House Jazz Club is now entering its 50th year and continues to be successful with a variety of exciting Traditional Jazz Bands and a wonderful social atmosphere.  Over the

Independence Productions

Independence Productions is a Musical Youth Theatre Company Independence Productions was officially founded in 2020 with their first show “The Trail to Oregon!”. Created by a group of students with a passion for musical theatre, they went on to do their second show “Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier” at the Pump House