Independence Productions

Independence Productions is a Musical Youth Theatre Company

Victoria Lee was at high school when she realised she wanted to direct and produce musicals. Having had no experience with drama, in 2019 she decided to gain experience by producing a musical. She got on board fellow creative students who were interested in the opportunity of a completely student-led production. Victoria organised the licensing of the script and music of "The Trail to Oregon!" A Starkid original.  With a team, Heenal Shah (co-director), Alyssa Quinney (production and technical manager), and Diya Tailor (band leader), they managed to put together the musical in the summer of 2020, being hindered, but not stopped by COVID.  "The Trail to Oregon!" was expected to be a one-off, but the cast and crew were keen to work together again and so Independence Productions was born, being named after one of the songs from "Trail".   

There are currently no events.