Pump House Jazz Club – Online – Dave Browning & Friends

***Available to watch online OnDemand without a ticket ***

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Dave Browning & Friends – formed especially for the Pumphouse Jazz Club recording sessions 27th November 2020

Here is the link to our playlist now with sets  recorded at the Pump House.

The play list will continue to show the sets as they are released.

To watch the gig use this link: Dave Browning & Friends – YouTube

Dave Browning – Piano – An accomplished Harlem Stride Pianist. After 23 enjoyable years in the Hugh Rainey Jazz Band, Dave has worked with many of the top U.K jazz artistes and performed at jazz clubs and festivals in the UK and in New Orleans.

Sarah Spencer – Reeds & Vocals – Sarah started playing on the British jazz scene at 18; was the youngest visitor to play in Preservation Hall at 19; and formed the first of her own bands at 20. She now leads ‘Sarah Spencer’s Transatlantic Band’ and performs internationally as a guest star.

Jim Douglas – Guitar & Banjo –  “Legendary” Scottish guitarist, Jim Douglas has been a part of the British scene for sixty years. In this time, he has worked with a virtual who’s who of International stars. He is mostly associated with the Alex Welsh Band in which he appeared at the 1968 Newport Jazz Festival. He has also published two books about his life in jazz.

Heather Birt – Double Bass – Heather plays Double Bass in Allen Beechey’s Bright Stars of Jazz, and with the John Petters Swing Band. She is regularly invited to play bass with many other bands, and solo artists including Sammy Rimmington on his UK tours. She has performed at many jazz festivals including Holywood, Brecon, Eindhoven, Keswick, Swanage, Bude, Birmingham, and Soho.

All the videos are free to watch; we are asking for donations to keep your club running in these strange and unpredictable times.

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To keep the Jazz Club’s finances in order we ask for a donation of £5.00 per view of these performances. If you are a Jazz Club member you can pay
electronically. (See separate email for information how to do so. Please add your name and initial when paying). Or pay by cheque made out to ‘Pump House Jazz Club’ and post to ‘Jazz Club, The Watford Pump House, 5/6 Local Board Road, Watford, WD17 2JP’.

Dave Browning & Friends recorded session on 27th November 2020 in the Colne River Room at the Pump House; the session was recorded and engineered by Eddie Stephens.


Live outdoor music featuring the Jazz Goats

Live music is back at the Pump House.

This unique outdoor performance celebrates the return of live events at the Pump House and features the renowned local band the Jazz Goats.  Music will include a mix of Jazz, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Classic Pop, so if you have missed that live music experience, you wont want to miss this opportunity.

A basic, licensed bar service will be in operation for our socially distanced audience.

£5 + donations per person (£5 is really minimum ticket price and donations will go towards keeping the Pump House open for all to enjoy)
£30 + donations per table of 6 people (outdoor events you are allowed to mix in groups up to 6 even not from the same household)

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do I need to wear a mask?  -> As it is an outside event and you will be 2m socially distanced at all times then masks are optional.  However rules are changing all the time so please check local and government rules before arrive and perhaps bring a mask just in case.
  • Do I need a ticket before coming? -> Yes all tickets must be purchased in advance.  This is so that we can control numbers and collect government required contact details.  You must check in and show your ticket on arrival.
  • Can I reserve a seat position? No, seating will be unreserved (like a festival) but all positions will have good sound and view.
  • Do I need to bring a seat? No we will provide seats.  However if you want to bring your own seat, you are welcome to, but their placement position must be approved by our front of house staff.
  • Can I sit with my family or people in my bubble? Yes, however to ensure proper social distancing we may in some cases allow only two seats for every 2m spaced position or in pre-set tables of 6.
  • Can I buy drinks? Yes, our licensed bar will be open, but we will be running a simple bottle and can drinks only service. The bar will be card payment only.
  • Can I bring my own drinks? You cannot bring any of your own alcohol on site.  You can bring other drinks and snack, however by using our bar you are supporting the Pump House also we please ask that you take away all your own rubbish
  • Will toilets be available? Yes our toilets will be available to be used, however only one person at a time will be allowing in each toilet room, so please be considerate as queuing may occurs at times.
  • Where do I park?  There is no car parking available at the Pump House (as we are using it for the show).  You can park on local roads (as it is a Sunday) or in the Centaury Park retail area next door to the Pump House
  • What about the weather? The event is subject to the weather conditions.  There will be no cover.  We will check weather outlook the morning of the event.  If due to rain heavily we may cancel the event so do keep an eye out for emails or updates on our website.  If only light rain due, we will go ahead, so as for any outdoor event, please bring appropriate rain protection.

Watford Fringe 2020

WatFringe 1st to 25th October 2020

See WatFringe.co.uk for full, latest details

The Watford Fringe is still going ahead. The worsening general COVID-19 situation has meant that we had to make changes to our Fringe plans to enable it to go ahead safely. So reluctantly, at short notice, we have implemented some of our contingency plans, which does mean some major changes to the schedule. There are 12 online only shows continuing online between 1st – 4th October, and 22 shows move to dates between 9th – 25th October that will have socially distanced audiences.

All existing ticket holders will be contacted and full refunds will be given for any cancelled show. Thank you for your support.

The Watford Fringe is back from Friday 1st October 2020 with
Music | Drama | Comedy | Improv | Dance | Poetry | Musical Theatre

We have worked hard to plan a flexible set of safe festival that incorporates social distancing and other safety considerations. We have added online streaming facilities so that the events can additionally reach an audiences that cannot or are reluctant to attend live events in person. We also contingency plans to cope with any last-minute changes in government or health advice.

75th Anniversary of VE Day with Victoria Sponge!

Victoria Sponge is a housewife like no other! To celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Victoria is giving a special online performance to help celebrate the heroes of yesteryear as well as the heroes of today. So why not join her for an extra special slice of Victoria Sponge!

The event is absolutely free but if you would like to, please make donation to Raise, who are the fundraising group for West Herts hospitals which is the area I live in and that’s why I’ve chosen them 😊


Hosted by Watford Museum.  Information on how to join and view the event will be published on Facebook and other places soon.

Julian Mount – Live stream concert

Local musician Julian Mount is going to be broadcasting a SECOND 30 minute (-ish) concert from home. Wednesday 22 April 2020 starting 7pm BST ending 7.30pm (-ish). Please tune in and leave me a comment and/or a reaction! Hope to see you there! #JulianMount

During the concert (or before or after) you can donate here (but it’s not obligatory!):


isoVision song’ish contest

Watch the show live from 7pm here – youtu.be/gqEy6nPQwDQ

A just for fun, created from isolation, song’ish competition and online show for Watford and the surrounding areas

While the Eurovision song content may not be the first major event you would put in your list of “cancelled events I was looking forwarded to”, it is probably the one that would generate silliest, fun entertainment. But now the highly creative people of Watford and surrounding areas do not have to miss out.

isoVision is a very lighthearted competition of short songs or comedy or fun items created by people while in isolation.  It will use the Eurovision format including jovial juries and “completely unbiased” public voting.  We have hosts and our very own Graham Norton stand in, to take us through the show.

When: The show will be streamed live on our Pump House YouTube channel on Saturday 9th May from 7pm.  The pre-recorded entries will be shown, followed by jury votes from each jury representative and finally the public vote will be added to find a “winner” live at the end of the show.  There are no prizes, it is just for fun, but you could gain many local bragging rights.

To enter you need to:

  1. Choose somewhere or some group to represent.  You can choose one of the Eurovision countries, or any country or even a local area or group or organisation or even your road (it does not have to be a country).
  2. Produce a clip between 30 and 60 seconds long.  It can be a part of a song or a funny sketch or spoof.  It does not have to relate to Eurovision but if it can that would be great.  For example you can recreate part of a past iconic Eurovision performance.
  3. Record the people involved in your submission waving and saying something like “Hello we are”.  Please keep this to 5 seconds or less.
  4. Upload your video clip (any common format is fine) and information via entry request form before the deadline of Monday 4th May

We are looking for jury representatives as well

If you want to represent a local group or organisation and form a jury (in the same way Eurovision has a jury giving votes from each country) then we want to hear from you.  At some point during the week starting 4th May you will need to view the entries and then a representative will submit a recording of announcing their 12 points (full guidance and instructions will be given).  Contact lee.farman@pumphouse.info if you are interested in being a jury.

Tips for recording

To get the best out of your recorded item try the following:

  1. Ensure the recorded subject/person is facing the light source (lamp or window) and there is plenty of light
  2. If using a phone please record in landscape (phone on its side)
  3. Please make sure any sung or spoken words are clearly audible over any backing tracks or music
  4. Please do not use any full names or address or anything else that may identify your exact location to the general public
  5. We hope to have a wide age range of audience so please no bad language or adult content


Electric Umbrella – MEET ME WHERE I AM

This small but perfectly formed show will provide a wonderful intimate night of fun, music and laughter. Complete with a full pro band line up, it is dedicated to the Watford group, giving EVERY individual the opportunity to shine.

Seen us before? Well you know two shows are NEVER the same so come again and bring a friend or someone new who you feel needs a bit of Electric Umbrella Joy in their lives.

Tickets £10

Watford Fringe

The Watford Fringe was set up by the Pump House Theatre and Arts Trust, Watford’s hub for emerging talent,as an opportunity to show the amazing talent and venues we have in Watford.

Now in its third year across 11 venue spaces, it has something for everybody including music, comedy, drama, improv, dance, film, food and much more.

More information at WatFringe.com

The Voice UK…..coming to Watford

Do you think you have what it takes to turn a chair for The Voice 2020?

Tuesday 30th April  7:30pm – 9pm

To book a slot please contact sharon.gaffney@pumphouse.info – subject title The Voice @ Pump House Watford

Please prepare 1 x song with a backing track/instrument ( All backing tracks on CD /instruments must be provided by yourself). Limited slots available.

Good Luck !