A fun challenge set by our friends at Electric Umbrella

Many of you will know the team at Warners Bros Studio Tours were busy making the video for our new single TRY SMILING when lock-down landed and filming had to be halted.
With single release just around the corner we were pretty despondent… BUT THEN we looked up and saw all these beautiful faces smiling back on our newly created EUTV! We realised our alternative video was right there in front of us!
Now we need your help to make it in the next few days!
Electric Umbrella wants to invite everyone onto the stage to give us your beautiful best!
Film yourself performing TRY SMILING and send us your video. 
We will be collecting and editing together all the performances so we can end up with the most joyous of videos to show the world exactly what you’re made of! 

Try Smiling Video Challenge