The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

“How does anything come to be? I mean to say: really, and truly, begin?”

Henry Jekyll is a doctor and a man of God. Respectable. Upstanding. The child born on the Sabbath Day. So why does he long for the darkness? And isn’t that… blood on his cuff?

Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic short story, ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ is a timely meditation on the evil that men do in pursuit of all that they can be…

“I dare say you’ll think me mad. Indeed, perhaps that is so…”

Performed and streamed completely LIVE from the Pump House Theatre stage, this online offering is the perfect way to get your fix of theatre during lockdown.

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Show dates/times:

20:00 (GMT) – Thursday 26th November

17:00 (GMT) – Friday 27th November

20:00 (GMT) – Friday 28th November


40 mins (approx)

The Age of Consent

Peter Morris’s play places in counterpoint two acutely uncomfortable monologues about childhood, responsibility and the shattering of innocence.

One voice is a teenager awaiting his release from a correctional facility after serving his time. The other is the young mother of a child performer, ruthlessly scheming for fame and fortune.

The characters are united by a sense of denial, as well as the humanity that can exist behind even the most monstrous abuse.

Ticket Price £12 (£10 concessions)