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Dave Browning & Friends – formed especially for the Pumphouse Jazz Club recording sessions 27th November 2020

Here is the link to our playlist now with sets  recorded at the Pump House.

The play list will continue to show the sets as they are released.

To watch the gig use this link: Dave Browning & Friends – YouTube

Dave Browning – Piano – An accomplished Harlem Stride Pianist. After 23 enjoyable years in the Hugh Rainey Jazz Band, Dave has worked with many of the top U.K jazz artistes and performed at jazz clubs and festivals in the UK and in New Orleans.

Sarah Spencer – Reeds & Vocals – Sarah started playing on the British jazz scene at 18; was the youngest visitor to play in Preservation Hall at 19; and formed the first of her own bands at 20. She now leads ‘Sarah Spencer’s Transatlantic Band’ and performs internationally as a guest star.

Jim Douglas – Guitar & Banjo –  “Legendary” Scottish guitarist, Jim Douglas has been a part of the British scene for sixty years. In this time, he has worked with a virtual who’s who of International stars. He is mostly associated with the Alex Welsh Band in which he appeared at the 1968 Newport Jazz Festival. He has also published two books about his life in jazz.

Heather Birt – Double Bass – Heather plays Double Bass in Allen Beechey’s Bright Stars of Jazz, and with the John Petters Swing Band. She is regularly invited to play bass with many other bands, and solo artists including Sammy Rimmington on his UK tours. She has performed at many jazz festivals including Holywood, Brecon, Eindhoven, Keswick, Swanage, Bude, Birmingham, and Soho.

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Dave Browning & Friends recorded session on 27th November 2020 in the Colne River Room at the Pump House; the session was recorded and engineered by Eddie Stephens.


The Pump House Jazz Club – WATFORD

*** Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak and current advice events cancelled until further notice ***

The Pump House Jazz Club has been a thriving jazz venue in Watford for the part 48 years. Founded in 1972 by Trevor Hodgkinson and Neville Marsh, in the newly acquired buildings that were to become the Pump House Theatre and Arts Centre.

The first bands were alternating each week between Trevor Anthony’s Jazz Men and Richard Leach’s Northside Jazz band, which formed a great basis to establish traditional jazz in the Watford area.

In the late 1970s the Club was set on a more formal footing with Reg & Margaret Bright booking different bands each week. A typical month saw Ken Sims All Stars, Trevor Anthony Jazz Men, Northside Jazz Band, Monty Sunshine and Main Avenue Jazz Band.

Since those heady smoky nights, the Pump House Jazz Club is still thriving – in fact it is becoming the Preservation Hall of Hertfordshire & London attracting the top jazz bands on the circuit. Recently the Club has updated the facilities for audiences and bands with LED controlled lighting and a professional sound system.

We are pleased that a more diverse programme is attracting a younger audience (under 50!) who are enjoying the varied styles of Jazz, not to mention a well-stocked bar selling real ales, a selection of filled rolls made on the day and a fun raffle.

Do come and visit the Club you will be given a warm welcome and enjoy bands from UK, Europe and USA. With n entry price (a donation) of £10, it’s not only excellent value for money, but a great night out as well.

If you cannot find space within The Pump House Car Park, there are several alternatives within walking distance, but be aware of their time limits !

General Enquiries: pumphouse.jazz@virginmedia.com / 020 8950 3513 or 07887 666615

“Click on the band link in the list of events below for more information about each band” 

 Every Thursday 8.15-11.00 pm

 £10.00 donation on the Door (no booking)            

Free car parking  (2 minute walk from Watford High Street Overground railway station)