Hirers guide

This page contains technical and other information to help support our hirers and users to safely conduct their activities and get the most out of using the Pump House for their creative endeavours.


For hirers of the theatre space at the end of their hire they are required to return the stage surface to a uniform matt black colour. We recommend the following:

Type – Matt Emulsion
Qty:- 5 litres to paint entire Stage
Notes:- Please do not just patch areas. Please ensure sure you do not paint the rear white cyclorama fabric suface (Cyc), house tabs or masking.
Current paint recommendation as of January 2019
Name :- Leyland Black Matt paint
Source:- B & Q Cost £28.

Marketing resources

The Pump House uses this site, social media and a biannual printed brochure to publicise the events taking place. Please send us details and artwork for your event so that we can include your event in all our channels. We ask that you use our logo when referring to the Pump House venue on any publicity. If you need any materials or help please contact us.