Pump House CYT presents:

Status Update

March 16–18, 2017

Venue: Theatre

All tickets £3

Part of this year’s nationwide NT Connections programme, Pump House CYT will be performing STATUS UPDATE by Tim Etchells.

We know facts. We know secrets. We have opinions, we have intuition and we have the stage. Status Update is an unflinching and funny catalogue of the things teenagers learn, believe and have sussed out about the world. From the ridiculous to the highly charged, all these truths and half-truths are laid bare before us, without the safety net of character or fiction.

Bonus one act play as first half on Friday and Saturday performances - Sparkleshark - "High up on a tower block roof, Jake writes stories in secret. The other boys, led by the egotistical and muscular Russell, think he’s a wimp. To the girls, Jake’s almost one of them. When the gang actually confronts Jake, everyone’s in for a great surprise. Jake has to get out of trouble…and his answer is to weave his best story yet."