Pump House CYT presents:

Rainforest Dreams Edinburgh Fringe Preview

13 Jul 2018

Venue: Theatre

Donations on the door

This is a chance to see this updated multimedia production in Watford before it goes to the Edinburgh Fringe in August (20-26)

" A group of students find themselves transported to the Rainforest, to find they are running for their lives as soon as they arrive. With footage from real indigenous Indians of the Amazonian Rainforest ( especially filmed for this production) we share what happens to the people living with the oil exploration and the illegal logging on an everyday basis. On screen they interact with the students giving a real insight into how they live.  Threatened with their lives will this group of teenagers do the right thing or will they succumb to the illegal loggers and oilmen's demands? With a real twist at the end it is difficult to guess what direction they will take. "

Donations on the door

For more information and to support our project to help get this important message to a wider audience - www.rainforestdreams.co.uk