Online production

isoVision song’ish contest

9 May 2020


Watch the show live from 7pm here -

A just for fun, created from isolation, song'ish competition and online show for Watford and the surrounding areas

While the Eurovision song content may not be the first major event you would put in your list of "cancelled events I was looking forwarded to", it is probably the one that would generate silliest, fun entertainment. But now the highly creative people of Watford and surrounding areas do not have to miss out.

isoVision is a very lighthearted competition of short songs or comedy or fun items created by people while in isolation.  It will use the Eurovision format including jovial juries and "completely unbiased" public voting.  We have hosts and our very own Graham Norton stand in, to take us through the show.

When: The show will be streamed live on our Pump House YouTube channel on Saturday 9th May from 7pm.  The pre-recorded entries will be shown, followed by jury votes from each jury representative and finally the public vote will be added to find a "winner" live at the end of the show.  There are no prizes, it is just for fun, but you could gain many local bragging rights.

To enter you need to:

  1. Choose somewhere or some group to represent.  You can choose one of the Eurovision countries, or any country or even a local area or group or organisation or even your road (it does not have to be a country).
  2. Produce a clip between 30 and 60 seconds long.  It can be a part of a song or a funny sketch or spoof.  It does not have to relate to Eurovision but if it can that would be great.  For example you can recreate part of a past iconic Eurovision performance.
  3. Record the people involved in your submission waving and saying something like "Hello we are".  Please keep this to 5 seconds or less.
  4. Upload your video clip (any common format is fine) and information via entry request form before the deadline of Monday 4th May

We are looking for jury representatives as well

If you want to represent a local group or organisation and form a jury (in the same way Eurovision has a jury giving votes from each country) then we want to hear from you.  At some point during the week starting 4th May you will need to view the entries and then a representative will submit a recording of announcing their 12 points (full guidance and instructions will be given).  Contact if you are interested in being a jury.

Tips for recording

To get the best out of your recorded item try the following:

  1. Ensure the recorded subject/person is facing the light source (lamp or window) and there is plenty of light
  2. If using a phone please record in landscape (phone on its side)
  3. Please make sure any sung or spoken words are clearly audible over any backing tracks or music
  4. Please do not use any full names or address or anything else that may identify your exact location to the general public
  5. We hope to have a wide age range of audience so please no bad language or adult content