Mike Barry was asked to organise a special band for a function in 1966. He therefore suggested an eight piece based on the Lu Watters bands of the 1940s-50s era. The essential part of the "Watters" sound is the two cornet lead. Mike asked experienced David Rance to lead alongside him and Mike wrote the arrangements to capture the sound. The musicians selected to recreate the Watters  sound. The musicians selected to recreate the Watters sound were all part of established bands but, of course, have changed over the years from those that played in 1966 although Mike and Dave Rance together with Pete Lay are from that original performance and play for you at The Pump House today. Mike and Dave decided the band should reflect, not copy, the original band note for note,  to let the new band members bring fresh ideas within the Lu Watters format.

Dave Rance (trumpet); Mike Barry (trumpet/leader);Goff Dubber(clarinet); George Tidiman (trombone); Tim Huskission (piano); Nick Singer (banjo/guitar); Colin Graham (sousa);Pete Lay (drums)