Richard Leach’s 7 Stars of Jazz has a style reminiscent of the Alex Welsh Band, which, from the mid 1950’s to the early 1980’s, was Britain’s foremost Chicago/Dixieland style jazz band. When asked, many people have said that the Roy Williams – John Barnes era of the Alex Welsh band is their favourite listening. Richard is no exception and the Classic Concert recorded in Dresden during 1971 remains his personal favourite. With the perfect eclectic mix of Chicago, Swing and Dixieland plus a hint of Vaudeville, the band doesn’t just play jazz it entertains the audience. It is impossible not to be swept along with the atmosphere. This then is the basis of Richard Leach’s 7 Stars of Jazz, not to be a direct ‘tribute’ band to Alex Welsh but a band that plays with a similar energy and skill plus the ability to entertain an audience with a variety of musical styles.

Line-up: Richard Leach trombone/leader, Gary Wood trumpet, John Hallam reeds, Jim Douglas, banjo/guitar, Ian Riley piano, Ian Parry double bass, Graham Smith drums