Chris Walker and Roger Marks, co-leaders of Pedigree, shared a fondness for the style of jazz popularized in the late 1950’s and early 60’s, a period that became known as the “Trad Boom”. Many of the records that made it into the hit parade are seldom to be heard in jazz clubs of today, perhaps because the likes of Midnight in Moscow, Green Leaves of Summer, Chimes Blues and the William Tell Overture require a certain amount of careful rehearsal to do them justice. Roger has retired from the band and now Chris Walker presents the performances, professionally as always, with some informative commentary, anecdotes and , of course, humour.

Their musicians include Chris Walker (reeds), Graham Trevarton (trumpet), Tony Mann (trombone), John Nodding (banjo/guitar), Ken Ames (string bass) and Colin Larn (drums).