The John Maddocks band has been entertaining audiences for over 40 years. The ‘Jazzmen’ was formed after John moved to Dorset from London in 1972. Now in its 46th year the band is as popular as ever. Although there have been various changes of personnel over the years the overall sound and drive of the band remains the same. The band has always been known for playing lesser known tunes and this is always apparent at any of their performances.

John’s clarinet style has evolved into his own sound but the influence of Johnny Dodds is ever present.

In addition to his clarinet, John also plays tenor, alto and soprano saxophones but will always tell anybody who asks that he is first and foremost a clarinet player who plays a bit of saxophone!

Line-up: Peter Wilkinson (trumpet); Chris Gower (trombone); John Maddocks (reeds/leader);; Chris Satterly (piano); Kevin Scott (guitar/banjo); Peter Brooks (bass); John Hall (drums)