Formed as a 'wish list band' during a late-night /early morning post gig discussion between Jim Douglas and Graham, Shades of Jazz comprises of top-quality experienced players who have played with the best, including the likes of Alex Welsh, King Pleasure and the Biscuit boys, Richard Leach's 7 Stars, Tad Newton's Jazz Friends, Chicago Teddy Bears and many more .

The Band's popularity has grown significantly since its formation in 2015 playing festivals and clubs around the UK.

However, as the musicians are very much in demand playing in other ensembles an opportunity to get then together for Shades's gigs is a rare bonus not to be missed!

You can expect a varied selection of Dixieland, Revivalist, Trad and popular jazz tunes from the bands repertoire with instrumental features from members of the band.

Gary Wood(trumpet); Martin Veasey(trombone);John Hallam (reeds); Rich Hughes (piano); Jim Douglas (banjo/guitar); Simon Smith (bass) ; Graham Smith ( drums/leader)