Well known for many years as a fine clarinettist, soprano and alto saxaphonist, George is much in demand in the UK, Europe and the USA. His soaring soprano evokes memories of the legendary Sidney Bechet with whom he has often been compared. His Southern Jazz Band is derived from one originally started by the late Ben Cohen. After Ben died there were several gigs still  to fulfil and George was asked to put one together to cover them. It was so successful that it, with many musician changes, is still going strong 10 years later and appearing to acclaim at many venues. Their style is classic Jazz of the 20s and 30s paying tribute to Louis Armstrong, Jelly Rol Morton and other greats of that era.

We are delighted to have The Southern Band with us this week with line-up- George Huxley on Reeds, Enrico Tomasso on Trumpet, Terry McGrath on Trombone, Malcolm Hogarth on Piano, Geoff Over on Banjo/Guitar with singer, Sheila Fawkes making her debut with our Club.