DixieMix began life as a pick-up band put together for Dereham Jazz Society who was looking for some traditional bands to widen the mix of jazz styles at its venue. The 2006 committee agreed that "what we need is some Dixie in the mix". They contacted Simon Nelson, a young cornetist who was experimenting with the earlier jazz styles and whose inclination was definitely pre-bebop. He put together the first band "The Dixie Mix" for their DJS and met occasionally for pub gigs. Only two of the original players are still in the band of 2016. Kev West gets his long service medal any time soon! Now shortened to DixieMix, the name more accurately reflects Band's choice of music. Their music is not confined to a Dixieland straight jacket, but embraces an eclectic mix of jazz and swing from the earliest days of New Orleans to the present time.

Line Up: Simon Nelson(trumpet/cornet/leader); Chris Wigley(trombone); Pete Oxborough(reeds); Kevin West(guitar/banjo); John Benson(bass); Tony Wilkins(drums)