Christine and The Stackyard Stompers – always a fun band to watch and a good evenings entertainment – bring 1920’s jazz evening with a line up made all the more authentic by the inclusion of the sousaphone. One by one all the names from that exhilarating period of jazz appeared; Armstrong, Oliver, Beiderbecke, Red Allen, Teschemacher, Miff Mole, Krupa and all, each with an anecdotal history from Jonny Pickett. The band are obviously steeped in the music of the time and seemed able to adapt their playing to reflect the character of each of the musicians who set the world on fire all those years ago. An evening of traditional jazz but with a difference. Christine Woodcock, a dynamo on trombone, is backed by the subtlety of Ronnie Findon on reeds, the fire of John Picket on trumpet, the intensity of Richard Howell on drums, the rhythm of Roy Hart on banjo and the tone of Dave Arnold on sousaphone.