Jools has been leading the UK's favourite jazz band since 2012, when Jim McIntosh moved to Germany and handed over band leadership. It has quickly become the most dynamic sought-after band in the country and has performed all over Europe at jazz clubs, festivals, etc. The high demand and popularity of the band is due to its collective members drawn from the best traditional jazz musicians playing in England today, between them spanning the ages of 29 to 73, with years of experience and dedication to their music. It has the audience listening right from the start with a repertoires including the music of King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Kid Ory, George Lewis plus Gospel/spiritual numbers and tunes for New Orleans band parades. They guarantee a fantastic jazz experience for all.

Line Up: Denny Ilett (trumpet); Karl Hird(reeds); Mike Owen(trombone); Brian Mellor(banjo); Jim Swinnerton(double bass); Baby Jools(leader & drums)