Cathartic CIC- Isolation creative project – for all!

Please submit your artwork to as an image for details go to

This creative project is illustrating a moment in time, the Covid-19 pandemic. The global crisis is one of the most challenging events in modern history: an ‘invisible’ war that does not discriminate against its victims, where key workers bravely risk their lives and where people worldwide have had to dramatically adapt and change to a life staying at home, to protect and save lives.
Even in the face of extreme adversity, we are witnessing positives everyday – things that are lifting spirits, things that make people smile and building new habits that forced down-time creates … whilst the world stands still, we are seeing how much the world cares. With the strict social-distancing rules, these small acts bring people together more than ever – waving from our window sills, clapping and cheering for the brave, checking in on people, caring about our most vulnerable, random acts of kindness, inspirational videos, artwork created, songs sung, poems written – all of which create a ‘virus of hope’ to overwhelm COVID-19. In years to come, it is hoped that these habits will remain in the hearts of many.
Cathartic wants to capture the hope of these unprecedented times and curate an illustrated creative record of our time of social distancing and isolation. Hope is the key –
We feel the power of creativity is vital in keeping spirits high and want this to be a fully inclusive opportunity … people of ALL ages, from toddlers to pensioners, from ANY ethnicity, ANY gender, ANY ability, ANY profession, from ANYWHERE to take part! We want this to be a cathartic opportunity to find some light in such testing times…we have already seen some fantastic paintings, drawings, videos, photography and if you would like to be part of a published time capsule, please get involved…
• A book will be published with submissions and all profits will go to charities affected by COVID-19.
• There will be an online exhibition of the submissions, to spread positivity to all in these trying times.
• Finally, once it is safe to do so, we will be launching a public exhibition of work: a celebration of efforts, a dedication to the hard work of the key workers and an uplift to community spirit.
We encourage you to explore your creativity and produce anything you would like – drawings, paintings, poems, letter writing, photography, acronyms, 3-Dimensional creations, videos, greeting cards, stories to share, song writing, diary entries, messages of support or hope…
We have come up with a list below of different ‘themes’ and ideas – please pick as many as you like and you can submit as many different pieces…Please share this project to your wider communities and let’s see what we can create together…
Please click on the link above for further details and then submit your artwork to as an image, scan or video file. When submitting, please include your name, age and, if you would like to, include a title i.e. ‘student, your job role, any conditions you are living with etc’ then please submit this with your entry.
We are SO excited to start this and thank you in advance for your wonderful, amazing and unique creativity… Stay safe and sending you all the warmest wishes x
Nicky Day and Maria Todesco – Directors, Cathartic C.I.C.